Words, don't come easy?

Well F.R. David is probably still thanking his lucky stars that the words didn’t come easy. With 8 million copies of his 1982 hit song sold, it seems he may have struck a chord. 

But putting the troublesome language of love aside, when it comes to writing about your business and communicating directly with customers or staff, do the words come easy to you, or is it all a bit hard? Do you struggle to strike the right tone and get to the heart of what you’re really trying to say?

Developing your key messages can help  

Don’t get me wrong. Writing your key messages will also take time, but once they’re formulated, they’ll make every writing task thereafter, that little bit easier.

First, you’ll need to think carefully about your business and work out what you really want to say about it. Your key messages should complement your business strategy and succinctly encapsulate your most important ideas in a sentence or two, per idea.

Different strokes for different folks

You’ll have different key messages to communicate internally to staff, and to external audiences and stakeholder groups. You may even tailor key messages about the products, services or programs you offer to help sharpen your communication focus.

Benefits abound

Having your key messages defined will give you clarity and consistency across all communication—whether it’s web copy, a media release, a speech or a conversation. It will remind you of what’s important and why, and will help you shape your communication to reflect it.

And I assure you, with your key messages developed, it will also be a lot easier to write copy about your business in a pinch, and will help your staff talk about the business naturally and consistently.

Contact me to talk more about developing key messages for your business, or pop across to F.R. David who'll remind you that you're not alone… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTsSk0r_Tq8