- Editing & proofreading -

Why be mediocre when you can have copy that delivers results? My editing and proofreading services will take your copy to another level and ensure it’s targeted, consistent and error-free.

How can an editor help?

Some clients don’t need my help to write something from scratch. They might just be looking for someone to edit or tighten up an existing website or document. It can also be valuable to have someone take a fresh look when you’re producing a report with multiple authors, styles and perspectives.

When I edit, I aim to:

  • Improve your copy, not reinvent your copy
  • Work with your style and make sure it's consistently applied
  • Take a bird's eye view of your piece to make sure it flows and is well structured

Of course I’ll also apply all of the skills I use when proofreading as part of my editing job. 

Efficient, thorough, fast. Awesome!
— Publishing company director
Sonia was a pleasure to work with on a recent editing project. She worked to a tight deadline and transformed a long document into a succinct and easy to read summary for us. Sonia regularly kept us up-to-date with the progress of the project and we were delighted with the outcome.
— The Launch Box


Can’t I proofread my document myself?

When you’re really close to a job, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. If what you’re working on is important, my proofreading services will ensure your end result shines. 

The smallest error can instantly diminish the credibility of a document. And there’s nothing worse than pouring your time and energy into something and finding an error when it's too late. I can empower you to send your documents live or to print, with confidence.

When I do a proofreading job for you I will:

  • Review your finished product with a very careful eye
  • Check grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Mark up any suspected or obvious errors

Contact me to talk about your project today, or read more about contracting me for a project in your office or on an ongoing basis.