- How it works -


Generally, this is how it works when you work with me:

1. Call or email me.

2. Tell me about your job. I’ll want to know: 

  • What are you producing? A website, brochure or blog post etc.?
  • How big or small is your project? Number of pages, items, words etc. 
  • Am I writing from scratch, dot points or an interview? 
  • Am I editing or proofreading only? 
  • Or do you need help on an ongoing basis? 

3. When do you need the work finalised by and when will you be ready to start?

4. Once I understand the project scope, I’ll provide you with a written quote that factors in:

  • Some time to get to know you and your business (including a meeting or interview)
  • Research and review of materials
  • Writing, reviewing and finalising  

5. If you’d like to go ahead based on my quote, you’ll let me know in writing, then I’ll provide you with an invoice so you can make a commencement payment (50% up front—this is standard for every job I do) and then we can get started. 

6. Feel happy that you’ve made a great decision for your business! 


Finding your voice

Getting to know about you and your business is really important. It will help me write in a style that reflects your personality and values, and resonates with your readers. I’ll also need to find out more about your readers (clients/customers) and how your products or services meet their needs.  

Information gathering

I’ll guide you through the information gathering process. In fact, I have a template that will help you provide me with the information I need so I have a really clear picture of: 

  • Your business and why it’s different
  • Why you’re great at what you do
  • Who your clients/customers are and the challenges they face 
  • How your products and services work to answer those challenges 

To start a conversation about your project, contact me or read more about my copywriting services.