Polkadot Photography - Website copywriting

From the moment I saw Hayley’s portfolio, I knew this would be a special job. Hayley’s work moved me, it connected with me and it inspired me—all the things good photography should do. But in talking to Hayley it was her incredible enthusiasm for what she does and the obvious joy she gets from working with her subjects, that really allowed me to bring her voice to life in the copy. 

What a gift! I have no idea how Sonia does it but somehow she weaves magic and spark into the written word. She took a great amount of time to talk and understand me, to get down to the essence of my business and then voila!.. she produced beautiful heartfelt words. When I read the copy for my business website, I immediately had goosebumps. She managed to capture exactly what I had been trying to say for years. It made me even more excited and proud of my photography business. Sonia is a true craftswoman of her skill and a wonderful warm person to work with.
— Hayley Durack, Polkadot Photography